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Kinesthesia PART III: Re-Thinking

FM Alexander figured out that our thinking shapes our feelings and our feelings shape our thinking, so if either of those two inputs is warped, both will become warped, and lead to a “debauched kinesthesia.”

Most people will rely on their own kinesthetic sense as their guide in every decision in their lives, whether it be reliable, unreliable, or somewhere in between.  Every decision we make in life, whether in matters of how we will live, who we will marry, how we deal with pressures and stress, etc., will be affected by the state of our kinesthesia.  That’s one reason it is so important to examine premises upon which we base our reasoning, to see if our thinking (or feeling) is contributing to an accurate kinesthetic sense, or a faulty one. 

Since most of the time we are striving to be right, and most of the time we are not right at all, it is a safe bet that we all can benefit from better overall Kinesthesia.  We can develop it through stopping, through self-observation (with the help of a lot of mirrors).

Be willing to examine your thinking.  Be willing to say, “I don’t know,” or “I thought I knew, but when I look at what I am doing habitually to get what I want… Maybe, just maybe… I can do this with more efficiency if I go about it in a new way.”