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Alexander Technique with Beret Arcaya

You cannot change what you do not know you are doing.

How an IDEA becomes an ACTION,
  • Develop self awareness so you know how you are getting in your own way.
  • Allowing me to give you a new kinaesthetic feeling of freedom and ease; Gradually this becomes familiar, habitual, so you are learning to do this for yourself.
  • You gain agency over your self, no longer a slave of habit. That which was difficult has become free and unfettered.
  • This self possession and new attitude of ease is then applied to any skill you wish; The finest of all being the manner in which you live your life.

You are not here to do exercises or to learn to do something right, but to meet a stimulus that always put you wrong and to learn to deal with it differently.

Frederick Matthias Alexander

At the heart of every Alexander Technique Lesson is the concept of Habit and Choice.

Beret Arcaya

About Beret Arcaya

Beret Arcaya has maintained ongoing, concomitant careers in classical singing and acting (performing and teaching) and the Alexander Technique (teaching) since 1981.

Students come to her for Alexander Technique lessons from all over the New York area for a variety of reasons. Often it is because of pain: a sore back or an injury that has not responded well to other treatments.

Neck pain, jaw tension, stress, breathing and postural problems are among the many conditions Alexander Technique lessons can help improve. Others desire enhanced performance skills. Athletes, actors, dancers, musicians, and singers form a large portion of students of the Alexander Technique… [continue reading]


For more information, please contact Beret Arcaya by email: beret[at]habitandchoice.com