Basic Premises of Alexander Technique

Conscious vs. Subconscious: A Conflictive State

There is a constant conflict between the subconscious and conscious which is only sometimes vaguely recognized as a struggle between instinct or intuition, and the reasoning power of the mind.”

F.M. Alexander

According to F.M. Alexander, man must first learn to see that this struggle between the subconscious and conscious exists inside him; after that he must learn to tell the difference between these impulsive demands and reasoned out ideas. If he cannot or will not learn this, he will continue to suffer from his own delusions about his behavior. More and more his unrecognized involuntary actions will get a greater hold of him and he will establish bodily malformations and inefficiencies until at last they lead him to a definite disease or pathology. Man’s Supreme Inheritance (1910)

He goes on to say that a man should not be pitied as if his defects weren’t unavoidable. They will have occurred because he was ignorant and willfully neglecting himself. Alexander says, “A man can work out his own salvation if he will use his conscious mind.” But I would ask my reader, how difficult a thing it is to bring one’s actions to consciousness? Are you worth it? Are you worth this time and energy? Would you look at how you go about the unimportant daily acts of life in order gain self possession and grace under fire, and become master of yourself not a slave of your habits? I would love to know what you think about this.

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“Only sometimes vaguely recognised” and yet “there is a constant conflict,” these words really describe struggle between consciousness and subconsciousness.

It is the most difficult thing to do, but it’s worth the time and energy and is most definitely “Man’s Supreme Inheritance”. I always take heart from the fact that FM had direct experience of knowing how difficult this was himself.

Thank you Stella, Yes it is very heartening to me too that FM trod this path and knew what was entailed. When at times I start to think what a slog life is, I just remember him and his wise words. Then I am able to stop …and think…. and become more Conscious. And the wonderful part is that that awareness gained can never be lost.

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