Basic Premises of Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique: A Means to Clear Thinking.

A new means whereby we may become masters of ourselves.

This is the fourth in a series of posts on “directions.” To recap here, first, to really become wonderful at doing anything, we have stop the self-sabotage and subconscious and semi-conscious habits (of thought and action) that derail us. Therefore, we have to see clearly what these habits of thought and action are. We have to become fully conscious of these and it will be an amazing and often emotionally charged process. It can be slow but it will never be boring!

Then we must not try to fix things or become right. We have to just observe and stop. This is all-important because we spent years and years getting into a mess and we can’t just “fix” it up in a day or two. Keep in mind that everyone would like to change others but are loath to change themselves. But it is only yourself you can ever change. And believe me, that is quite enough to accomplish.

Alexander Technique lessons will teach you an entirely new way of thinking and acting. We will use the dumbest silliest things such as sitting and standing from a chair, or flexion at the knees and hips (we call this one “monkey”) walking, and a homework we call “constructive rest” or lying down and there are others.

In all of these you will be practicing your new improved self-directions and gradually these will start to become your new way of being. Your old subconscious habits will be replaced and worry and fear disappear. Stiffness becomes suppleness, rigidities become flexible, grim determination becomes joyful ease. Sleep is deeper and better, aches and pains subside and your overall manner of use becomes one of easy going happiness and efficiency.