Articles on Alexander Technique

Hide and Seek, Part III: End-Gaining

This is a transcript of a speech given by Dorothea Wallis to STAT in the 1950s.  Wallis argues that, “However important the part of conscious thought and control in the Alexander Technique, they are only aspects of a whole personality and not independent entities … for education is a matter of the whole personality.” Note:  […]

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19th Century Guitar Songs - Recorded & Performed by Beret Arcaya

Meet Me By Moonlight – Joseph Augustine Wade (1796 – 1845)

Meet me by moonlight alone
And then I will tell you a tale
Must be told by the moonlight alone in the grove at the end of the vale
You must come for I said I would shew the night flowers their Queen
Nay turn not away thy sweet head
‘This the loveliest ever was seen oh! meet me by the moonlight alone
Meet me by the moonlight alone.

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