Ombre Amene – Mauro Giuliani (1781 –1829)


19th Century Guitar Songs – Canciones con Guitarra del Siglo XIX

Beret Arcaya, soprano
Anthony Madigan, guitar

Ombre amene

Mauro Giuliani (1781 –1829)

Ombre amene,
Amiche piante,
Il mio bene, Il caro amante,
Chi mi dice ove n’andò?

Zeffiretto lusinghiero,
A lui vola messaggiero,
Dì’che torni e che mi renda
Quella pace che non ho.

Pleasant shades,
friendly trees,
my beloved,
my dear friend —
who can tell me where he went?

Flattering little breeze,
fly to him as a messenger –
tell him to return and give to me
that peace that I do not have.


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