Well-Being and Our Overall Manner of Use

What is a feeling of well-being? Why it is sometimes a very elusive thing to have well-being? How are we actually involved with its presence in our day to day lives, and how can the Alexander Technique make well-being a new habit of life?

I would say a feeling of well-being is the very opposite of depression or ennui. It is always optimistic and comes with a sense that we are going along in a positive direction in our lives. It is a state of pleasant interaction with ourselves and others, but in actual fact, it is a state of harmony within ourselves.

This is why for some of us it seems elusive. We are not consciously aware of it, but that state of inner harmony fluctuates with our “Overall Manner of Use” to quote F.M. Alexander

Everyone having a lesson in the Alexander Technique, even for the very first time, should have a shift of mood and leave that lesson notably less tense and feeling lighter and better in every way, not just so called physically. Their well- being has been enhanced and the Alexander Technique teaches a person how to make this a habit of being. A habit of life.

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Fantastic Beret! Thank you for reaching out to the world and sharing your gift of knowledge about F.M. and the voice… what a blessing for us. Looking forward to following your entries!

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