Asthma Management with the Alexander Technique

“I do not claim to have discovered any new method of breathing, but to understand the only true one- Nature’s”
F. M. Alexander

In the U.S. 23 million people including 7 million children have asthma.

Asthma gives a feeling that you cannot inhale air. In reality, the sufferer cannot exhale. But it does not feel that way (unreliable kinesthesia).

For asthmatics, the ease of air in and air out which is normal for all creatures is totally disrupted. It is a horrible condition and can cause death. It feels as if you will suffocate as the airways in the lungs spasm preventing you from breathing and causing a panic and then more spasm and more fear.

At the onset of an attack, the startle pattern (fear reflexes) in the neck and head kicks in and violently contracts the spine and breathing mechanism making the attack worse. The medicines only stop the spasm, but do not affect a cure and so as the child becomes adult the root cause of this condition becomes embedded into his overall manner of use and breathing patterns. The adult can change this with Alexander Technique lessons but it will take much longer than if he started taking lessons as a child because the breathing habits are engrained over years.

There are many reasons why a person can develop this condition in adulthood. We can be born with it too, but in all cases it will deplete us terribly and in children prevent them from normal activities and sports. Here is a link to read more about the Alexander Technique and asthma.

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