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Alexander’s Primary Control in Action

It takes less than five minutes for this animal to adjust reflexively in gravity.  Notice the HEAD LEADS, then the partial or secondary patterns follow (first with the forelegs then hind legs) becoming reflexively coordinated.  The reflex travels down from the head end to the tail and co-ordinates the entire animal.  There are some Alexander Technique “teachers” who actually dispute that the primary control even exists.  This is because they are badly trained.  There is no nice way to put it.  But here is the principle of it for everyone to see for themselves.

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I ought to have also suggested that when you look at this video you observe the people watching this as the birth takes place. What a lot of very terrible USE you will be looking at ! Necks squashed down, Shoulders hunched, Guts protruding, Slumped sitting…. and here is this lovely creature effortlessly giving birth to her calf who in turn attains grace in minutes!

Dear madam,
you are true.
Most of the teachers badly trained.
They wasted my time
2 years.
Primary control is a head-torso relationship.
But, they says some thing else.

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