Alexander Technique and Posture: A Matter of Attitude

Look up in any dictionary (in any language) the word “posture” and the definition is attitude. That means that if you think you have “bad” posture your attitude about yourself and yourself out in the world could be vastly improved with Alexander Technique lessons.

Alexander Technique lessons will help you change deeply within yourself. This isn’t a matter form without content. The Alexander Technique is not about being straight and walking with books piled on your head. Not at all. With lessons, your entire attitude about yourself will improve and you will find that you are more easy going, and a happier person. This will be seen in your posture.

It is fascinating that there is absolutely no split in us at all. None whatsoever. We have believed since the Greeks that we exist in parts: mind, body, spirit. We have only to see a pregnant woman and ask her if she is physically pregnant. Be prepared for a big laugh. She will tell you she is totally pregnant. She is emotionally, physically, financially, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, socially pregnant.

When we see someone with Down’s Syndrome on the street, we can see the total integration as well. This person walks, talks, thinks, moves, eats, sleeps and lives within this syndrome. Is it just his postural stance that gives it away?

Your so-called “posture” screams out a message about your whole person. What message are you sending out?