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To schedule Voice or Alexander Technique lessons in New York, or for more information, email or call:

Email: beret [at] habitandchoice [dot] com
Phone: (212) 677-0022

If you are looking for Alexander Technique lessons outside the New York metro area, you may call for a referral.

Taking Alexander Technique Lessons

  • Alexander Technique cannot be taught in a book (or a blog). You learn the Alexander Technique through your own direct experience, just as you would learn the Cello, Biking or French.
  • Group classes are available, but AT is best taught as one-on-one lessons due to the individual nature of this study and the wide differences between people and their conditions. F.M. Alexander himself taught this way.
  • The frequency, and number of lessons a student undertakes is also individual. There is a consensus among teachers that 30 to 40 lessons are needed in order for a student to start practicing the Alexander Technique on their own in their daily lives.