Meet Me By Moonlight – Joseph Augustine Wade (1796 – 1845)


19th Century Guitar Songs – Canciones con Guitarra del Siglo XIX

Beret Arcaya, soprano
Anthony Madigan, guitar


Meet Me By Moonlight
Joseph Augustine Wade (1796 – 1845)

Meet me by moonlight alone
And then I will tell you a tale
Must be told by the moonlight alone in the grove at the end of the vale
You must come for I said I would shew the night flowers their Queen
Nay turn not away thy sweet head
‘This the loveliest ever was seen oh! meet me by the moonlight alone
Meet me by the moonlight alone.

day light may do for the gay,
The thoughtless, the heartless, the free,
But there’s something about the moon’s rays
That is sweeter to you and to me
Oh! remember be sure to be there
For tho’ dearly a moonlight I prize,
I care not for all in the air If I want the sweet light of your eyes,
So meet me by moonlight alone
Meet me by moonlight alone.


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