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Welcome to my new Blog. I will be writing about the work of F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) his discoveries and his philosophy for personal change, growth and use of our conscious thinking in all areas of life. Alexander was most interested in the individual and the capacity for a person to attain the highest refinements of self-development possible. His work is inspiration itself and he dazzles us with his logic and clarity of mind.

I will also be writing about Voice and how our habits of speech and singing both for the professional (Public Speaker, Clergyman, Actor, Singer) and the layperson can benefit from this man’s work.  A beautifully modulated speaking voice is a great asset in life and the capacity to speak is itself, the single most important aspect of being human. It defines us. Each person has a unique timbre and manner of speech for good or ill based largely upon habits.

I hope this Blog gets my readers thinking in new ways and looking at life from a broader view than most of us have been taught to do. I look forward to you writing back and sending your ideas and comments.


3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Elana Haviv says:


    This is amazing! Now when I am back in my lessons I can ask less questions! Thank you for putting this together, Elana

  2. Marjorie Dorfman says:

    Well, Beret, it is about time. I look forward to reading your blog and sharing thoughts about the way the Alexander Technique changes lives. Also, I will forward this to all my students who, I am sure, will be so happy to follow your blog and share their thoughts as well. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


  3. Mary Jordan says:

    This is a beautiful site and I am happy to tell anyone that you changed my life completely. Spiritually, mentally and physically. Your faith and expertise and positive goodness made me back to myself. i forever give thanks to you!!!!

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